Are Avocados the New Superfruit?

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The world is full of foods that taste great, but are bad for your health and healthy alternatives with the flavor and texture of cardboard. Are you running yourself ragged trying to eat healthier and feeling stressed out about it? Come relax with us here at The Feisty Bull and enjoy Mexican dishes that are both healthy and tasty. Take the hard work out of eating better by making sure more of your meals include a serving of avocados, one of the healthiest superfruits on the planet.

Creamy and Full of Healthy Fats

We’re happy that the prohibitions against fat are slowly dropping out of public health consciousness because the fats in avocados give the green flesh an amazing creaminess. It’s that creamy texture that makes our freshly mixed guacamole so delicious. It contains the same fat found in olive oil, which is oleic acid. This type of fat actually protects your heart while helping your brain and organs run smoothly, unlike trans fats or other less healthy options.

Aside from being packed with the right fats, avocados give you a bigger boost of potassium than bananas. Dropping by to nibble on some fresh chips and guacamole could help you battle long-term dietary imbalances without the need to add supplements to your routine.
Avocados also boast healthy doses of:

  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamins B5 and B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Folate
  • Vitamin E

If you’re trying to eat a more well-rounded diet to fight nutrient imbalances, we have plenty of dishes with complex vitamin profiles to fill out your daily requirements.

Our delicious avocado dishes actually do more to help you achieve a strong nutrient balance in your body beyond just supplying certain vitamins. The body can’t properly absorb and store nutrients like potassium, no matter if it’s coming from an expensive supplement or a whole food source, unless you’re consuming some fat with it at the same time. This means that adding a topping of avocado slices to one of our entrees or taco plates helps you absorb all the nutrients in the dish, not just what’s in the avocado itself.

Healthy for Dieters

For our beloved customers that are sticking to diets for weight loss or allergy concerns, there are plenty of reasons to keep avocados in the diet. These fruits are very low in cholesterol, despite all the fat packed into the green flesh, and have practically no saturated fat. In fact, eating these fruits on a regular basis has been shown to improve the ratio of bad to good blood cholesterol, therefore reducing the long-term chances of developing heart disease.

Despite being creamy and soft, avocados also packed with fiber. In fact, these fruits are one of the most fibrous foods you can eat without feeling like you’re chewing on a piece of wood! 100 grams of the mashed flesh provides you with nearly 30% of the daily recommended amount of fiber, leading to more even blood sugar levels, a better feeling of fullness, and a healthier digestive system.

The Feisty Bull

With all these reasons to eat avocados, you have no excuses left not to visit us here at The Feisty Bull! We’ll set you up with a traditional green guacamole or twist your tastebuds with a mango-spiked variety. No matter what type of tacos or entree you’re in the mood for, adding a little avocado to the top turns an indulgence into a healthy habit!

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